Key features

Built on ZK

Zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) is a powerful cryptographic tool that can enhance the trust and verifiability of various applications. However, the high barrier to entry and lack of generality means that developers face significant costs in developing their own solutions, particularly when it comes to designing logic circuits and states. Additionally, the cost of the proof generation process can be high and complex.
ZKCross solves this problem by providing a turnkey ZK solution that enables developers to enjoy high-performance and low-cost ZK services without the need to worry about the underlying details.

Wasm compatible

WebAssembly (WASM) is a low-level bytecode format that is designed to run efficiently on modern web browsers. It is an open standard that enables the execution of code written in multiple languages, including C, C++, Rust, and more, on the web platform.
WASM has become increasingly important in recent years as more developers are looking to build complex, high-performance applications for the web. It allows developers to write code in their preferred programming language and then compile it to WASM bytecode, which can be executed in a browser or on a server. One of the key benefits of using WASM is its ability to run code at near-native speeds, making it a powerful tool for building high-performance applications. It also allows for better security, as code can be run in a sandboxed environment that is isolated from the rest of the system.
ZKCross leverages compatible WebAssembly (WASM) to enable developers to build high-performance, secure, and scalable web3 applications. As WASM becomes increasingly popular in the web development community and the market for compatible technologies continues to expand, ZKCross is a crucial tool for developers looking to build next-generation web applications. By using ZKCross, developers can seamlessly transition into the world of web3 and build innovative applications that are both reliable and trustworthy.